Dog physiotherapist Maja Bohlin from Outdoor dogs


An online course to get a functionally strong dog.

Train your dog functionally strong together with us! The course is led by Dog physiotherapist Maja Bohlin and Dog Psychologist Sandra Tellström. Together we have created an exciting “kick ass” online course!

Strength, fitness, mobility and nutrition are the cornerstones of this innovative and forward thinking course. We have created inspiring and educational videos for you to learn the exercises through. You will also receive the material compiled in writing.

Dog Psychologist Sandra Tellström from DogMovement

Physically strong dogs feel good!

The course is for you who want to create the conditions for a healthier life for your dog. Maybe you have a specific goal with your training, or you want to boost the dog's physical health, perhaps you are “just” curious and want to try new ways to physically activate your dog.

Either way we are sure you will have both fun and benefit from this online course!

You set the bar for the intensity of the course, but we give You all the tools to in depth build a strong dog.

This course is packed with interesting information nicely presented in lots of movies and information sheets!

We have built a complete and comprehensive distance course based on clear instructions for you to use at home for a 14-day period before the next part of the course starts, together we develop and step up the training step by step. Take part of a well-thought-out training plan with creative solutions! All in all, there will be eight weeks of guided physical training for your dog.

Throughout the course you will be helped to understand a basic training mindset that you will enjoy for the rest of the dog's life.



How does it work?

- You need no previous knowledge to atend the course 

(In order to manage the endurence parts of the course you need to be able to run up to 3 km. Of course, you can choose to skip that part)


— Age of dog, everyone is welcome to join regardless age.

(puppies are  alsowelcome but will have to wait with the endurence parts until they are a little older)


— The course has four parts, You work with each part during a 14 days period

— Each part contains several exercises, educationally illustrated in beautiful videos you can watch online and compiled in writing in PDF files that you can download. 

— You will be able to watch the videos and download the PDF files on our website under the link “for students” using a personal password provided by us after registration / payment.


Strength and fitness exercises

Endurence exercises

Mobility exercises

Warming up and unwinding

Connections between the physical and the mental ability

Relaxation exercises  

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Course starts April 20th and we do it together, week by week!

Price: 200 USD / 182 euro /280 CAD /2000sek

You can register for you and your dog to participate here.